Thursday, November 23, 2006

Driven by desire!!!

Imagine a dead end in your life... ummm worse... stuck in a pit meaning everythings going wrong!!! have you ever been there??? i most definetly have!!To be honest... i never manage to get out looking all normal!!!
but i learnt one thing from all the times i landed myself in man holes..... you need dedication and determination to make it out!!!! I know some people who are every 'gifted' with these two. They are my constant inspiration.
each and every person has a dream....a dream needs constant care,love but most importantly dedication and determination!!!! I believe in following your dreams till your last breath! but i also believe in being realistic about it!! this doesnt mean you are not allowed to dream wild! the wilder the better actually!!! but part of dreaming wild is taking everything anyone throws at you objectively!! I know I must be sounding like a philosophical fool.... but this one incident i witnessed gave me the reason to write this one!!!!!
Not always are things flowery and wonderful.... sometimes things happen that prick worse than thorns,but in the pain never forget the beautiful colour and smell!!! i heard this today on t.v and i believe it applies perfectly here.
'in all your pain and suffering dont forget the sun is shinning brightly outside" what i learnt from it us brood all you want... when your done look out your window and yes the worlds still beautiful!!!!


Parth!! said...

hey really nice..very well written..not an easy topic to write on!!..but u managed it of ur classiest write ups!!:D!..ure getting better at this thing!! yay!! hehe..this one inspires anyone whos down n get back up and dare to dream again!!!ummmah nids!!

Arjun said...

awesome nids...ur best on this page.....ur biggest challenge will b 2 better this write up more than pickin urself up n outta the man hole.....u urself r an inspiration 2 so many of us.....ummm.....aaahh

papu!!! said...

sexy nids...nice topic...very well written...totally luv it!!!but after i read...a long road...cant say dis ones da best!!but its got a lot of depth in it..!!!also nice lines....can inspire anyone to do betta n bigger stuff...!!!n sowie...but sexy answer 4 arjuns poem...'fire within..'hehe!!!ummmmmaaah!!!!im proud of ya!![:P]hehe..!!!