Tuesday, May 06, 2008


She's loving and kind,
her presence simply calms my mind.

She's a devil on walks,
I wonder what she would say if she did talk.

She sleeps for hours together,
and is hungry forever.

Vet's clinic isn't her idea of fun,
fun maybe jumping in puddles or a run in the sun.

She will do anything to stay unclean,
giving her a bath is being way too mean.

Growl and bite are non- existent to her,
lick and wag remind me more of her.

She always seems to know when I'm down,
she also knows how to take away that frown.

She's there for me every step of the way,
to lead me along so i don't lose my way.

She's there everytime i need a friend,
with a sloppy kiss that never ends.

She's there with me at every high,
maybe asleep but close by.

She is my inspiration,
she leaves me in awe and admiration.

She's beautiful beyond words can say,
her eyes shine brighter than the sun's rays.

She radiates compassion and warmth,
she's my pillar of immense strength.

She may not have much talent,
but her love is brilliant.

She taught me to love and showed me bliss,
she gave me so much it's so easy to miss.


Teddy!! a.k.a Kikku!! said...

aaaawwwwwww!! ...choooo cute! :) :) :D! i love Layla too!...*huggy to layla*....very cute poem...i know i am not eligible to comment but lite! :P

P.S:my personal fav. it this line::

"...She's there with me at every high,
maybe asleep but close by..."

nids!!! said...

this poem is dedicated to my baby girl layla! shes my sunshine! :) hence it was obv my first poem ever was about her! kiddish maybe! but first one after all! :)

Parth Jhala said...

hehe! such a cute poem it is! the first poem blues are seen..but the subject and the thoughts are so staright from the heart...makes it very endearing!
wonderful read!

shuuuu said...

layla is an inspiration to all .... for being the most gorgeous even after a mud splash .. for being the most calm .. even after bouts of madness .... for being the most friendly ... even with enemies ... for being smitten in love .. with the one who loves her right back ... for being funny when she has to be .. for being a pillow always .... for being kissed till her cheeks go sore ..... for being there whenever and promises for more ...... thats layla .... muaaahhhhhh i loved the poem .. love u .. love her toh extra much ...... muaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

kapil said...

layla!!!!! :D the bestest dog in the entire universe!! i never had a dog before but when i have one im sure il want one like layla! im actually secretly planning to kidnap her! :P soooo cute she is! love her soo much! big hugs to her from me! :)