Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A rainy day!

Pit- pat, Pit -pat, it starts to rain,
water everywhere even out of drains,
accompanied by a gentle breeze,
that is almost just a way to tease.

The clouds cry their eyes out,
which cleans the trees without a doubt,
what about all us humans around,
in our own worries we are selfishly drowned.

The rain helps in cleaning us too,
washing our feet, maybe our eyes too,
disguised in the rain come out my tears,
clears me of all my unnecessary fears.

Rain does more good than harm,
it's all part of it's wonderful charm,
It tricked me into releasing my inhibitions, (courtesy natasha bedingfeld- unwritten)
which led to freedom of my imagination.

All of a sudden the puddles seemed inviting,
for boating or for just insane jumping,
A walk in the rain always gets me to think,
of all those smiles that wont return with a blink.

Rain and memories are synonyms to me,
both good and bad come floating back to me,
it's all about picking the right one,
to make sure the rainy day stays pure fun.


nids!!! said...

my fav days in the year! :)

Teddy!! a.k.a Kikku!! said...

i like the feel of it! :)
it makes me miss the rain!
hmmmm....rain!...i hope it rains soon am tired of this sun! :P

Parth Jhala said...

"a rainy day" written by srinidhi raghavan desribes successfully the events of a rainy day and its effects on the poet! she is a very renowned poet in her group and a little bit of her madness and zest for life can be seen in her poems! it is a very well written poem which soothingly depicts the rain and all that it brngs along!

p:s: marks- 10/10 ;)

shuuuu said...

i will rephrase nids sentence to OUR fav days always .... the after rain walks .. the starting to drizzzle scooter rides ... the in the class room wishes for being outside ..... the want to kiss someone u love ... the want to have a steaming mug of coffee(for u :P:P)......... i love the poem ... i love the days more ... and i absolutely adoree u ..... muaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

kapil said...

i agree the best time of the year for sure! love how just watching the rain gives me this sense of peacefullness all round! also makes me think bout some sad things but then like u said pick the right thooughts to make the rainy day happy! :) you know what i love most bout ur work is tht it expresses things tht at one point everybody wouldve have felt! nd u put it together so well! the more i read ur work the more i find it difficult to pick one tht i can call my fav! they'er all just so damned good! :p