Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Special, precious and loony!

I was told I could fly,
all I had to do was try,
soon I had wings of my own,
to take me to places i wished to go.

Then on a bright sunny day,
I decided it was time to fly,
I tried and tried but failed all the while,
It left me shattered and broken in pain.

They helped me up and dusted me clean,
They made me smile and try it all over again,
This time around I flew just a little bit,
which reinforced the spirit to spread my wings.

They were there everytime I needed strength,
to tell me I can do it and never ever give in,
they were there at every high,
to pat my back and watch me fly.

They healed all the wounds slowly,
they nurtured me back carefully,
this ignited a part of me I never knew existed,
it filled me with a feeling I never believed existed.

They are my favourite people alive,
they fill me with warmth and truck loads of joy,
Suddenly I felt lucky to be me,
special, precious and loony!


Parth Jhala said...

and the DD juggernaut just refuses to stop eh? :P
yet another work of art that just flows and is over before u know it! its that smooth! very tough to write on happy stuff..and u just keep doing it and ure getting really good! i sense VERY stiff competition! but ure already way better than me! full khush? :P
keep cramming that diary in! ;)

Teddy!! a.k.a Kikku!! said...


nids!!! said...

this is for my fav people who have always been there for me! im scared to mention the names for fear tht il miss a few! but i had to thank them for making me happy! :)

shuuuu said...

ahem ahem ... well i am hoping i am in those few .. but even if i wasnt ... this is for you ....
special ,precious and loony .. u will always be
for having the madness and responsibility,
i am sure when i say u will soar in the sky
and make us so proud we will have water in them eye ...... :P:P:P..... ok i suck at poems .. muaahhhhhhhh i love u .. and i am so proud

jona said...

yellow babe... awesome post... never read ur blog to comment on it.. so here on - my lousy, pj comments will torment u ... not tat all include a pj ...

sweet poem ... :) ..

nids!!! said...

thanks jon! i like ur pjs!! well gotten used to them! life seems "funny"less without them! :P thanks! ummmaaah!

kapil said...

SPECIAL PRECIOUS LOONY is what u always will be! AMAZING is with how much ease u write such lovely poems! nd something BIG is what im sure ur goin to be! so spread those wings nd fly high!! :D ummaahh!