Sunday, June 29, 2008

to paarth....

all those times you were down and out,
i tried my best to pick you up,
you wished to do it by yourself,
you never did seem to need my help.

over the years i saw the strength,
coupled with desire to outdo the best,
over the years you made yourself,
a rounded person like few people are.

in times of stress you found your calm,
in times of pain you battled along,
you found the way and were determined to finish,
the road that had begun so long before this minute.

you conquered every fear,
you accomplished more than all near,
you believed it was never enough to reach the top,
which was your mission right at the start,

at every attempt you learnt something,
which left me in awe like very few things,
you always found the will to stay in the fight,
like the strongest toughest bear alive.

to paarth...
to someone who has been an inspiration and motivation to me.
who has been one of the main reasons i write poems.
to him.. for being exactly who he is! ummmaaah! thanks for everything... il always be grateful! i hope i could describe at least one tenth of you!


Кαℓчαη !! said...

alleee :P chooo chweet! :D
your getting better with each one! you have out done me :)

kapil said...

i really really liked this one! nd i got to agree with kal ur getting better with each one! :) watch out world theres a new poet in town! :p

Anonymous said...

loved parth's poems...
now its u...