Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Fifteen to twenty people in a classroom busily writing an exam. Well most of them. A squad member walks in. Pretends to see if anyone is copying and almost robotically(if thats a word) moves towards the last bench. Picks up A's question paper and says "Whats this?" A says "Just some stuff on my mind." Squad member "next time I'l throw you out!!". A mumbles.
Squad member gets back to pretend checking. A gets back to writing. Now with a frown on the face. Squad member walks upto B and smiles broadly. B grins back. Squad member smiles at C and C is too happy to be acknowledged. Squad member walks upto to the door. Throws a second glance at A. Notices A has returned to writing and leaves.
Who am i? Onlooker D. What did onlooker D see in all of this?? A had innocently scribbled stuff FAR from the examination paper on the question paper. B and C had chit booklets in their pockets which they used to copy when their very friendly squad member left.

What was D left feeling? That D had just witnessed what very often happens in the world outside as well.

You smile at the devil and suspect the innocent one.


shuuuu said...

welcome to reality ... welcome to a world where urs will always be supported ... even if they r lying under u r nose ..... welcome to this sad management we study in ........ A was writing about A :P... heheheheheh and the stupiddd squad loser willl get it sometime in life ... when he will be punisheddd for something he never did .... thenn the words A will be singed on his skin*ends dramatically with sound effect*:P... heheheheheheheheheheheh

D!! said...

Thought provoking!..suspect the innocent and smile at the devil..

Loved the thought!!...nicely written!!

PS stop observing and start writing paper in exam hall!!


Chris Isaac said...

next time that happens jus start singin my favourite verse from the sutts song, when they pass by you..."BC, MC, BC, MC, BC..."

Srinidhi said...

@shu hehe!! oh dramtic one!! :) hehe! but ur right! :D ummmaaahh!

@mits glad you liked it! p.s cant help it! :p when you dont know enough you dream! :p ummaaahh!!!

@chris! why didnt i think of that?? :p

huz said...

Man, u made some deep sense out of this one :)

A smiles. Next time squad member comes A will not mumble, A will give him somethng to say "AAAAAAAAAAA"h about ;)

Well written Leeds :)


Srinidhi said...

A! i prefer you shut up and not write anything on the damn question paper! :p you getting into trouble is distracting me for more important things! :p like finishing the paper! :p hehhe!! glad you liked!! :D :D
cheers! :D

Teju :):) said...

nids u r jus brilliant!!! this was wat happnd to noel the othr day...the bldy invigilator!!!

Parth Jhala said...

really nice!! it comes from an observation...but yet the thought behind it is real deep and true! glad it crossed ur mind..really makes u think! good job onlooker D! if this is what ure doing in probably need some chits from B and C! :)

Srinidhi said...

@teju ya baap!! happens to many people these days! PAINFUL! thanks babe!! :* :*

@paarth! hehe! onlooker D was jobless! :p and no baap! those two arent my dept! so if i take chits i wont understand! :p thanks dude!! :):):):)

kapil said...

just in my last xam one my friend who stuided his ass off got like 25 nd this other guy got 60 just becos he was getting ans on his phone!! i was like wtf baap!!! but i guess it happens everywhere nd thers A B ND C in every class nd the very rare category of D also! :P hehe! nicely written! its something i feel really strongly bout...u know! :)