Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sunday morning adventure!

Sunday mornings are usually really late mornings for me. But not this Sunday. With half open eyes as I groped around for my phone to check the time (which is my daily morning ritual). I realised it was too early to be up. 4:20 A.M means its still dark outside. I put my phone away and tried my very best to drift back to sleep. I don't know if it was the heat or just me. But sleep was the last thing on my mind. I finally gave up the thought of sleeping and decided to read a book. I dug around my bed for that book I have been trying to read. I always seemed to fall asleep when I want to read it. "The original plans as outlined by her husband Richard over many a happy bottle of wine...." *zzzzzzz*
Run, run run......*pant pant*. Why am I running? More important question where am I? I looked ahead, then to my left, my right and finally from where I had come, none of it was familiar. Trees, grass and some buildings in the distance ahead was all I could see. The heat was scorchingly painful and I was inappropriately dressed to face this heat. Denims and a tee? Who am I kidding? I wish I was in shorts. I looked around for a place to rest. Suddenly my mind wandered back to why I was running in the first place. Nothing that could have scared me to dash that way was anywhere in sight. Philosophy hits me because I see no other reason. I begin to quicken my steps and finally reached the cluster of buildings. It was a housing locality. I landed on the nearest bench and returned to my thoughts. I wondered if I should sift through the raging philosophies in my head. I finally gave in to them.
Running isn’t such a bad thing. Or is it? Running towards fulfillment of your dreams sounds inspiring. Running away from harsh reality does not sound so good. Which one of the two was I doing?
*Shake shake* “Time to walk the dog!!!” screams my sis. I wake up with half open eyes and waddle into the bathroom to take care of all my morning businesses.
As memories of my dream return I realise that reality you can run away from but sometime it does return to slap you in the face. Too philosophical? It might be. But it’s a thought. Why not we stop thinking of all the things we would like to do? We can and want to do? And just wake up and DO IT!


kapil said...

wow!! philosophy at its best huh! :) the way u described the dream nd then acually came up with a philosophical answer to it was just amazing! all this deep thinking at 4 20 in the morn??... very nice! :P put it right up there as one of my fav posts of urs! :D theres just something bout this i cant xplain tht i really loved! :)

D!! said...

min!!...really liked the approach to expressing the idea!!...lovely...:)

nice thought and well executed!

Srinidhi said...

@ kapil! thanks re! glad you liked it! :D
@mits! so sweet you are! :D im sure this was better to read that the illegible one! :p ummaah!

Mood Swings!! said...

Loved the way you used your imagination to express the thought!! Ditto Mits comment!!

Nicely written babe!

Srinidhi said...

thanks mish!! :D was wanting to know what you thought! :D ummmaaah!! :D

Sneha said...

Yeah I wish Nike hit me with a shoe and actually said "Shut up and just do it!"
Super post!

Srinidhi said...

thanks sne!!! so cute you are! ummmaaah! :*

Parth Jhala said...

tiring dream!!
great flow...takes u along and before u know it leaves a message!
p:s just do it!

Srinidhi said...

@paarth! hehe ya! :D thanks dude! :D will do it! :)