Monday, February 01, 2010

Be nice. It's not so hard.

There's constructive criticism. There's plain cynicism.
I rather withhold my comments and strong opinions of the latter. It flows like gutter water and clearly that is not NICE. When watching something made by superior, similar or lesser mortals... you are only entitled to an opinion. Not a judgment. Note they are not the same by a long shot. And i can't help but get annoyed by your strong and curt judgments. Don't blame me if a fly falls in your tea/coffee this morning.
I AM a believer that everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even if it makes me want to finish you with my own hands, it is still your opinion. But there is a limit I have seen a lot of people cross. With me and with a hell lot of nice and talented people around.
There are some things that are plain brutal and better left unsaid. If you find some desperate need and urge to say them, find the nicest way possible to get your message across. Or else, try to shut it. If Shashi Tharoor, J.K. Rowling, Mario Puzo, Kahlil Gibran or even Salman Rushdie were to tell me I was an utter rubbish writer, I would accept it graciously and not hold the slightest trace of a grudge. I wouldn’t be so gracious if someone else were to use those exact words. I would mutter to myself only. But you will not be on my ‘are nice’ list. And those words will find a way to imprint itself in my head.
Even if I wanted, I’m not Santa Claus and I can’t fill your stockings with coal on Christmas. I’m not God and I can’t be overly forgiving. And I’m not Satan and I can’t show you some boiling pits of oil.
I’m just me. I still deserve and would truly appreciate some niceness. I’m not asking for roses, chocolates or sugar coated pretzels. I’m asking for you to be courteous and treat me with some dignity. Some and I will not complain. I promise. You won’t be rewarded with pearls, gold or any riches. You will be blessed with happy thoughts in my head. That’s not much maybe. But it is something nice at least.
And just know if you are easy to bring someone down, there is someone around your corner to reciprocate the favour. Be it karma or irony. You are in trouble and that is certain.
So, be nice. It’s not so hard. You might not make someone’s day but at least you won’t ruin it. Try it. And at the very least impress yourself. For all you know, your stockings will be full of surprises.


Chris Isaac said...

sarcasm is a disease :)

enjoyed every always :D

kneehara said...

i just LOVE this!!!! :) :) ur brilliant love and everyone needs a little niceness no matter how unworthy of it they might seem... :) :) absolutely love this and love u even more!!! :* :* :*

Jonathan said...

:) .... well said ... you couldnt have put your point forward anymore.. :) ... love it ..

Srinidhi said...

Chris!! thanks ya! :D :D I LOVED writing it :) :)

Kneehara!! babe , i love your comments!! :* Glad you love!
I love you!!! :*

Jon!! :) thanks jona!! :) glad you like!! :D

Anonymous said...

it was great knowing that u can write in this fashion as well..something that is not draped with diplomacy and says it like it is! was great reading!!
Approved by DVC!!

D!! said...

U know i couldnt agree more!!..kindness is so rare n so very valued!!..loved how u put it but hope nobody makes u go through these emotions again!!

much love:) ummaah!!!

Srinidhi said...

godfather :) Thank you for your approval :) guess this is a side I rarely show :) :*

Mit! :) you are too cute!! :) :*

Praneeta said...

i loved the crisp tone to it!!.. bloody brilliant nids!!... missed out ur writing for a long time!! but am back! :D

Srinidhi said...

Pranee!! :D thanks so much babe! :) so sweet of you :)

Prathm said...

So well said Mins!! Loved the loaded sarcasm!! Totally agree with the opinion and judgement part.

Awesome Awesome!!
Your writing is getting more and more structured and so are your thoughts;-)Obviously the latter is necessary for the first to happen!
You are exploring different ways of writing and getting good at doing many styles.

Keep up the Good work babe!