Thursday, January 28, 2010

A game..

A thing of the past,
An ache in the present,
A thorn in the future,

Why can’t I erase this pain?
When will I feel like myself again?

A jolt of thoughts,
A flash of the past,
A river of emotions,

It’s a game of my mind,
To isolate and stay perpetually on rewind.

A flood of rage,
An overdose of bravery,
A sprinkle of perception,

When will I see the right?
And stop this insane reasoning with all my might?

A jerk of insanity,
The swing of moods,
A speck of spite,

It’s a game of my mind,
To pick the mindless feeling all the while.

A swirl of complication,
A taste of regret,
The smell of defeat,

Why can I not face the shock?
And stop reveling in the light of the dark?

The pace of judgment,
The noise of silence,
The intellect of insight,

It’s a game of my mind,
To detach logic and conquer the innocence outright.


Anonymous said...

its the game of words that ure getting better at every day!!
Approved by DMC

Srinidhi said...

Your approval is appreciated Don. :)

There is no competition to you though mike :)

kneehara said...

this is so real and beautiful!!! :*
love it!! :*

Prathm said...

Wow!Mins well written.. rhyme without it sounding poetically deliberate.. profound thoughts expressed in simple phrases.. really well written babe!

Teju :):) said...

very nicely wriite nabe...simple yet meaningful :):)

Srinidhi said...

Nee :) thanks babe!! :* :* :*

misha!! :) thanks babe.. your comments make me full happy!!! :* glad you like.. :*

teju!! :) :) :) :) thanks re :)

D!! said...

i like poyum!!..but why sad?...n why not writing prose??

hehe!!..jokes apart..nicely written babe!..very articulate! :)