Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are you in?

Walking, riding or even just "on the streets" without being fully covered they say is hazardous to the skin thanks to global warming. And it is also said you can keep the devil and the evil eyes at bay. So I covered up for both the above reasons. Little did I know, by devil they meant every-foul-word-strung-neatly-together jerk man that roams the roads. Neither did I know that my vocabulary would be put to test along with my patience. Only one could win. Earlier the former was usually the one victorious. Of late I have embraced the latter but not without raising a lot of internal resistance.
*Hot piece of ass*, *whistles* and *flying kisses* are meant to be ignored. *Middle fingers*, *foul words* and *irrational staring* are to be side lined and forgotten entirely. But for how long and seriously how much longer can it be overlooked?
Recently my mom told me that Marredpally (my once-upon-a-time safe adda) was being ‘cleaned’ of the street puppies. My beloved street puppies. This sent my mind spinning, slipping and sliding into trauma land. Then I had a very sadistic thought. What if all those... umm ...scoundrels could be locked up like in a Jerk-Pound? Life would turn around. Morning walks would be enjoyable again. Evening jogs will be refreshing yet again. Outings with girl friends would be just plain peaceful. No horrid ‘make friendship’ interruptions. No need to worry about being ‘groped’. Life would finally be “normal”.
Then I realize, all I need to start the Jerk-Pound is some money and a whole lot of supporters. What we do to them after they are put behind bars is left to the imagination of the members of the catch-them-patrol.
So, all those in favour say “AII!” All those not, keep an eye out for a truck. ;)

Note: A special THANK YOU to the gentlemen in my life. God bless you!!


Chris Isaac said...

1. AII!

2. You're Welcome! :P

kneehara said...

AII!!! and that jerk-pound u know i'll join for sure! :P :P
love this!!! :* :*

Parth Jhala said...

lol chris said it...
AII!!! and you're always welcome! :D :P
p.s anger is simmering!! :P

Srinidhi said...

Chris!! yay!! :) hehe! :D

Nee!! hehe! thanks babe!! :* :* :*

Paarth!! :D woohoo! :p What to do :p i seem to be carrying a hit on me board :P :*

D!! said...

AII!! loved it and i couldnt agree more! cheers!! ummaah

Praneeta said...



janette said...

comment is a tad late...but im joining up first!!!

Anonymous said...


Prathm said...

So well said!
Couldnt agree more. Lets make jerk sacrifice a ritual!

Srinidhi said...

D!! thanks babe! :*

Pranee! yay!!

jana!! yay yay!!

Mishi!! you comment made me laugh hysterically :D