Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Breeze.

This is an attempt to chronicle my 4 months at Breeze Advertising Pvt. Ltd. with as much accuracy and to do as much justice as is humanely possible to this supernatural experience. Out of all the out of body memories I made, there are a few that are clearer than the rest.

  • The chair sinking every time only I sat on it in the studio. I have to be the reason for 'some' laughter.

  • Jana's face when 'bandh' is declared the next day. Oh the joys of staying home.

  • Ranjit sir's legendary genius expression of "I will throw up if you give me shit like that".

  • Mahesh sir's ways of hinting he wants chocolate.

  • Vijay sir's notion of Jana and me only needing one table, one chair, one laptop, one head set, one plate, one tiffin box, and maybe even one man.

  • Jana's impossible expression every time I call someone a chuth. Yes. I am foul.

  • Rajni Ma'am's luminous smile every morning.

  • Snickering when you want to laugh your guts out. Just so we don't cause angry stares for making a ruckus.

  • Ahmed sir's absolutely crazy code word for Jana and me as an entity. All hail the "cuckoo clock of the office" ;)

  • The non-sensical almost crying with profound sadness and insane laughter at the same time, with a piece of your heart.

  • The absolutely delicious water of the nile we are blessed with twice a day.

  • The ravenous feeling of hunger EVERYDAY at twelve thirty and sometimes at twelve it self.

  • The tripping, falling, bickering we do everyday in an over crowded setwin.

  • The uncomfortable office parties where we stand in a corner and have a comfortable gathering of our own.

  • The code word usage of ‘party’ in our day-to-day lives.

  • The love for ‘Rosso’ work and the craving for more always.

  • The countless unique names we fabricate.

  • The universal weird feeling for “hi folks”.

  • The mutual love, admiration and basic smitten behaviour for the wittiest man alive.

  • The lousy sneaky multiple attempts at browsing Facebook at work.

  • The joint love and hatred for any work that is repeatedly sent back.

  • The perennial joy of opening the times to see Shahid in it. Topless.

  • The inexplicable anger that the maid has for us cause we wont get up fast enough when she comes to sweep.

  • The horoscope reading, abusing the times astrologer for hating us, but reading it the next day anyway.

  • The persistent cursing of the unfairness that plagues this world.

  • The shock of finding someone so similar yet so different from me and discovering her bit by bit everyday.

  • The constant mockery of our bond. Somehow always hinting at our ‘ways’.

  • The numerous samosas that tasted totally miserable. The reason we still eat there is beyond my comprehension.

  • The statement “if you rascals are done surfing explicit content”, that brings the shocked look on Jana’s face and a laughter resounding from mine.

  • The excruciating conversations that always make us want to cry and kill ourselves. And we never do it. Just have some more of these conversations.

  • The fact that 75% of this office wears glasses, enjoys listening to music, reading, eating, laughing loudly and writes on pieces of paper with pencil when technology is all around binds them together in one way or the other. It is endearing to see from a distance and magnificent to be a part of.

  • The sound of the words “rascals, bums, nonsense, utter rubbish” when used in same or different statements will never be the same again.

  • The torture we put Ranjit sir through with our ‘nonsense’ ideas and uncontrollable laughing.

  • The number of cars that have swished by and been counted. The number of waves that lit up my day.

  • The treacherous climb of 3 floors that always seem more than they are.

  • The ‘words of wisdom’ that pour out of my mouth in bursts that send Jana into fits of almost-falling-off the chair laughter.

  • The good and bad trouble we get ourselves into on the exact days with different and same people.

  • This post is capable of going on and on. But I will stop. Months have flown by in a breeze… like a breeze… at Breeze.
Words of wisdom:

Crazy shit happens all the time. Pure love for your job happens rarely.
* Note: All reference to us is to jointly express Janette Rahman and me. Yes we are two people unlike common perception.


D!! said...

this post just made me go awwww!!..glad u enjoy work so much!!..was a feel good read..Cheers!!..ummaah!!

kneehara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! ur so gonna miss working there!!!:* :*
really well written love! :) :)
hope i get a job that i love this much someday... :)
and the people there are gonna love you even more after this post!!! :P
love u tons!!! :*
muah!! :*

janette said...

All the madness we subjected Breeze to!!

Going to miss you like partner in 'alter ego':)
Work has never been this much fun!!!

Anonymous said...


Prathm said...

It was well written Mins! and its so great you enjoyed work so much!


Srinidhi said...

janette! LD miss working there babe! :( :*

mishi!! :) thanks love! :*

Srinidhi said...

D! unbelievable right? :D :* love you!!!

Knee!! you are adorable!! :* love you!!

Кαℓчαη !! said...

:) i like..

Blackurchin said...

And they closed off the doors for interns when i wanted to gooooo : (