Monday, February 08, 2010

My 12 lakh vehicle.

As usual I wait for a bus at Patny by 9:30 every morning. My bus journeys have been drastically reduced from almost 40 minutes to not even 10 minutes. I love traveling by the bus. It is usually the highlight of my good friend and often visitor - The bad day. I must be one of those very few who it turns the day around for. But think about it, you avoid all traffic, you don’t get as frustrated as you would and you get to see so much.
For three years, APSRTC and I have become good friends. I appreciate her existence each day (anything non living automatically becomes a she in my life) as she saves me a lot of money and a hell lot of unnecessary grrr (translate to a tiny cubs growl). In all this traveling I have had a million lovely and some I-wish-to-not-ruin-this-post-with experiences. But even in my worst mood I still enjoy a long bus journey. It calms me down, picks me up and keeps me smiling all so effortlessly. Here’s why:
• Blush: I always bump into some woman/man who will be on the phone and blushing. God bless cheap schemes.
• Men: Some rare times I find a sweet chivalrous man who will offer us his ‘men’s’ seat. I usually refuse. But the gesture restores my faith in nice men.
• Drivers: The sweet, kind and extra defensive drivers who lose their mind if a man boards from the front. The care for their lady passengers is overwhelming.
• Conductors: Ones that smile at you while giving you your ticket. And nudge you to tell you there’s an empty seat at the back.
• Co-passengers: A seated co-passenger who sees you are carrying a oh-so-heavy bag and offers to hold it to reduce your load while standing.
• Book reader: A girl so lost in her book that it just makes you smile. It reminds you of life’s little joys
• Friends: A couple of guys and girls laughing hysterically. Their laughter is energizing and makes you smile and even laugh without having an ounce of clue why.
• Baby care: A young girl giving up her seat for a lady with a baby. Kindness still lingers in our lives. Yay!
• Ladies special: My personal favourite. A woman foot boarding up front and another at the back. The conductor jointly screaming at the two. The women smiling and getting off the bus with a broad smile, teeny horns and a contagious bounce.
• Music lover: A guy with a headset, a hood and staring out the window so lost in his music. I always worry if he ever gets off at the right stop. But I smile because I feel if he didn’t it wouldn’t bother him in the least. As long as he had his player.
There are millions of people who travel by bus everyday. Who take the time to just relax. Who pile their road worries on the driver. Who enjoy the simple beauties of nature and of the world whizzing by. To all of you, I totally hear you.
To APSRTC, thank heavens for you, I reach work on time and chirpy. :)


Chris Isaac said...

hehe...i can guess who most of the characters in this post are based on :P

nice one :)

also, you should try footboarding with no ledge to place your feet, only the window bar to hang on with from with two fingers and some poor guy's toes beneath your own. the near death experience does wonders for your self confidence.cuz then you've faced certain death more than a dozen times and lived to tell the tale. :D

Anonymous said...

this should be sure ure one of the very few that put the rtc on such a lofty pedestal!! so its like a counter view to the general perception! now i can always look at the bright side of those huge things bullying their way thru traffic :P
you may have missed out on the common irritant for all passengers...the huge kit bag carrying fellow whose boarding the bus is resisted with full force..and on failure of which he is treated with utmost hostility!! but what will u front benchers know abt that :P
Blog hi5 :P

Srinidhi said...

chris: Hehe thanks! :) Actually except one all others are random people. :D
P.s I would kill for that experience. Literally :p

Mr kit bag holder: Ironically those boys with the kit bag make me smile :) Especially if they were SS kits :) hehe thanks mister.
Blog Hi5!! :D

Kumail said...

real nice! i was reminded of all those times u made me get into buses that have 30 ppl hanging out of the door an i have to squash past anthr 30 while u get in aaramse to notice all these ppl! :p but what the heck...i have some of the most amazing times in a bus! :)

kneehara said...

i totally love the bus rides!! :) you just get so reflective while staring out the window... i almost dont feel like getting off sometimes... :) i've had some of the best conversations in a bus!! love this post!! :)

D!! said...

Min!!..what a sweet post..i love rtc too..they rule the roads..and what better thing to do in life than chill n observe people while u reach ur destination..well written ur style..made me smile!!..ummaah!!

Srinidhi said...

Kum: hehe!! sorry :p it was getting late :p :p Yes we have :) :)

Nee: I couldn't agree more :) :) Ditto with the conversations and the memories :) :) thanks babe :*

Mit: awww babe!! thanks!! :* :* you are too kind :*

Prathm said...

Hey! I could say the same for the Metro in Delhi.
I love RTC too but not as much as the Great Indian Railways! :-D
Except on strike days they are always there for you. ;-)
Public Transport is so great in India. I miss it!

Well written! Once again Bravo for the change in style.

mary said...

u can write about anything under the sun n write it AMAZINGLY!! ..i miss my inter days and my bus mostly being the book reading girl :P ..loved the post babe.. :* ..u r super talented

Srinidhi said...

mishi!! :) aye aye for public transport!! :D its awesome!! love you!!

Mary!! your comment is soooo sweet!! thanks babe!! :*