Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random excerpts of the wandering mind.

The sight of green,
The smell of purity,
The feel of peace,
The thought of sanity.
The mixture of ideas all to urge an existence of betterment. Where did he go wrong? When will he feel strong? Ideas of confidence fail him. Seated in a large room, enveloped by the voices in his head, he drowns in them. Fretting over insignificant details, focusing on irrelevant ideas, he suffers to stay afloat. As he attempts now to clear up his mind, to redefine and redirect, he finds a ray of hope. He finds a reason to not rivet to the gloom of the state, to the spiral soaring him further beneath.
Just a little faith in the unknown.

She saw the butterflies and the flowers,
He saw the motionless cement walls.
She saw the sun, warm and bright,
He saw the darkness of every night.
She smiled in groups and solo,
He laughed in the company of his own.
She believed there were highs after every low,
He just waited to get up post the brutal falls.
She loved the beautiful world,
He lived the real world.
She knew life was all good,
He faced the struggles for the good.
Life has two sides.Not everyone sees the light of the day everyday. Some live off the light they saw. Some struggle to sieve the good from the nasty. All getting by with..
Just a little faith in the unknown.

How long can you take the bullets before you show you bleed?
How long before you realize letting go is the only way?
How long before the love hurts more than pain?
Time is such a funny thing. Some people give in instantly.. some take their time. Both being the right thing to do.Sometimes you must think about what it does to you, to your mind, your body and you sanity.
Let it be.. Let it go..
Set yourself free from the chains of this world.

The imprecise world of words is equivalent to the unpredictable life created by the irrational actions. Can trust neither. Can only hope that there is some right in the words and some good in the unpredictability.


D!! said...

baby!! this seems to be your outlet! let it go..let it out..the thoughts along with the words! as much as i like how u write i wish it were happier! Smile my lovely! Always!

Prathm said...

Very good writing Mins!

Profound but dark.

It is so powerful!

Good work!

Chris Isaac said...

why aren't you famous yet? O_o

kneehara said...

i used the last quote for one of my blog posts! :* :) i love you!

Parth Jhala said...

The last line really do know how to sum up the mood of what uve written...and throw it into one in-your-face line that almost always leaves you smiling to yourself!

Srinidhi said...

D!! :D I know what you mean love. Il try :) :* love you :*

Mishi!! :D Thanks love :* :)

Chris!! I ask myself that question about you. :)

Knee!! :* I noticed. and I am honoured :*

Paarth! :* hehe! thanks re :D