Sunday, August 01, 2010

Spring! :)

The sun had set; the beach looked mysterious and remarkable at the same time. As I walked on the sand, she approached me from the back. I didn’t notice her till she jumped and pawed my thighs. She had a bounce about her. How she knew I wouldn’t harm her I cannot comprehend. But she had summarised me well in that first glance. Her uninhibited joy at my excited voice and overjoyed petting was heart warming. I was tempted to pick her up to get a better, closer look at her face; but she bounded away towards the sea. I watched her approach the waves with a bravery that seemed indigestible for her size and her age. She waited for them from a distance and inched behind in fright if they came too close. I stopped a few feet behind her, scared to be too close to the waves, and watched her innocence with jealousy and awe. Mostly white except a small brown patch on her head, she resembled snow. She had extraordinarily big eyes that radiated positivity, which melted me into a giant puddle of love.

She turned around after a while and came by my side, like my own. Comfortably seated in my presence, together we listened and watched the mighty waves, in their beautiful form. She twitched occasionally when the waves got a sudden rush of force, but, never left my side. I knelt down by her side and patted her throughout. In a matter of seconds, she had called out to me and answered my prayers, at the same time reminding me of the existence of a parallel world; one that is overwhelmingly pure. I walked away from the beach and saw her run on in front of me, with a sense of bliss about her stride. I couldn’t help but name her Spring, happy and bubbling with an unhindered spirit.


kneehara said...

i love this!!!
it just so brilliant!!
i've said it before and i'll say it again... your versatility is just unbelievable! :) :)
love you! :*

shuuuu said...

:):):):):):) u brought tears in my eyes and u caught the animal spirit and judgement perfectlyyyyyyy

Ashu ! said...

no words no words
Write about my dog also noooo
hahaha :P

Jade said...


D!! said...

awwww!!! all i can say is 'i know'! i wish we could read people the way dogs read us! beautiful my darling! ummaah!

Prathm said...

Phil and me had an experience which was so close to what you describe on the Samui beach in Thailand. Phil named him 'Serge'.

He was the most friendly dog ever!

Nicely written!

Srinidhi said...

Knee!! :D Thanks baby :* :*

Shuuu!! :D :D awwww!! Im glad i did some good then!! :D :D

Ashu!! For sure! just intro!! :D

Jade! thanks :*

D!! hehe!! love you :*

Mishi!! Its like the entire species is insightful and amazing. :D