Thursday, October 21, 2010

I believe...

  • I believe animals should be on top of the intelligence pyramid. Not man.
  • I believe stars talk to each other at night and that is why even in the silence of the night there is a soft whisper.
  • I believe in miracles.
  • I believe all humans have a good and bad side. We pick a side to live by.
  • I believe dogs have healing powers.
  • I believe mankind dug its own deep grave and now complains about it.
  • I believe the balance of good vs evil in this world is messed up.
  • I believe I have the power to achieve whatever I want if I believe from within.
  • I believe doggy people are the nicest people.
  • I believe that nature is the most superior force.
  • I believe nature teaches through its very existence.
  • I believe there are tons of stories hiding, waiting to be discovered and told.
  • I believe all of mankind has a talent special in them.
  • I believe faith alone can make impossible happen.
  • I believe in angels and fairies.
  • I believe in heaven and hell. I curse anyone I don't like to the boiling pits of oil in hell.
  • I believe in doggy heaven; a place specially designed for their kind souls.
  • I believe moms are the most forgiving souls alive.
  • I believe battles are only lost when you don't try.
  • I believe in fighting till your last breath.
  • I believe dreams are meant to be pursued, fought and won over.
  • I believe in sending positive thoughts out into the world.
  • I believe in traditions of religious and emotional kinds.
  • I believe I am not like everyone else.
  • I believe giving up and giving in are not options.
  • I believe life is unpredictable, but it has a path that usually you cannot see at the moment.
  • I believe we all have a mission on earth that we are sent to fulfill.
  • I believe my mission is to look around me and tell the untold stories.


kneehara said...

i love :D i believe in almost all of these things :) :* that's quite obvious :p i love you! :*

Between life's doings said...

I love this! Love you babe. You are a fabulous writer and love the stories you tell.

Jade said...

I believe.... every word that you have written

Chris Isaac said...

nice! :)

loved the last one. it really is your mission. :)

Bhuvana Balaji said...

enjoy reading everything you write! :)
n i love this one :D

I Love My Life said...

Very well articulated and drafted..Hugss babe...

Dinesh said...

Savage Garden?

Sneha said...

Dearest Minnums, Loved it! Awesomeness it is...I love dogs (this you know!). When I hear of and witness the turmoil in the world and then look at my pet just bounding around in mirth and being joyous I realize what a crazy world we live in! It just doesn't make sense why we don't spend more time just loving and living like pets do! They are definitely a far superior race!

D!! said...

i believe in you my love and i believe that all your dreams will come tru!! ummaah!!

Prathm said...

Mins!! I believe you are an awesome writer! Versatile, diverse,passionate and profound.

I agree with almost all things you say.

I believe I love you to bits :-)

Parth Jhala said...

I believe I am practically the last one to comment :P
Some of them were surprising..but pleasantly so! Loved it.