Sunday, November 28, 2010

The absurd.

"The absurd is born of the confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world". "It's absurd" means "It's impossible" but also: "It's contradictory".
These statements are taken from the 'The Myth of Sisyphus' by Albert Camus. They generated a thought cloud in my head. While bouncing it off one of my favourite people at ACJ a.k.a Mahima, we were driven to a larger debate of social constructs and its impact on our thinking. And so I let my mind wander.
It is absurd when a woman full of feminineness willingly makes the choice of keeping her hair short. It is absurd when a woman, fierce and overflowing with enthusiasm for exploring life and the world, chooses a career over a family. Similarly, it is impossible to imagine why a man choose to end his life.
All the above are thought to be crazy and sometimes even insane. But who is to define what is 'sane' and since when did being insane become a crime. As far as I remember Vincent Van Gogh is a genius. Probably the only one of his kind. Yet he died in his 30s with only one ear. While reading the book, I soon discovered that the author echoed my thoughts on several thought streams with such clarity. In his words "The absurd depends as much on man as on the world he lives in." In other words the feeling of absurdity doesn't evolve from either of them individually but from the confrontation of the two. And that is not the truth. Just one of the truths spinning around in the wild breeze.
It made me question one of the truths I personally believe, if we as an entire community were to break these norms and behave as we please, these constructs would cease to exist. Hopefully. On the other hand, we have an odd rebel or two roaming around tattooed and pierced, bravely stringing their personality and character along for us to see. Certainly not ashamed of who they are.
In all honesty and fairness, I envy them. For if it is true, we have a short life and I would like to live life without having to keep the numerous social constructs in mind. And if I please to take my own life, I certainly don't deserve others looking at me as insane if I succeed or a felon should I not succeed.


Parth Jhala said...

I think its a thought most of us have had..but you put it beautifully! Crisp and to the point! Wonderful read :)

P-Kay said...

Great one...very deep & thought provoking :)

D!! said...

Im loving what a range of books you are exposing yourself to!! its really opening you up! very well written post little one!

Blackurchin said...

The feeling of absurdity doesn't evolve from either of them individually but from the confrontation of the two. : )
Me likeying suchha topics!