Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Distorted lies.

You said your share,
I heard it from here,
It seemed your side,
my side was no where.

You retold it,
to another ear,
it was just your tale,
mine lie forgotten.

It spread this way,
from ear to mouth,
mouth to ear,and I saw it
all the way from here.

Far from you,
I perched to see,
how far from the truth,
the tale began to be.

I never said a word,
the fault was mine,
For my story stayed hidden,
yours turned to gospel, oh my.

Nobody imagined,
there was another tale,
a silent story,
of that fair lonely maiden.

Distorted lies,
Unspoken truth,
led to a silent death,
of her within.

Soon it was her who lie,
forgotten like her tale,
as the world spun around,
pleasantly unaware.


kneehara said...

:* :) :) :*
its sad and beautiful at the same time.. :)
i love you! :*
i'm always here :)

Prathm said...

Mins! The melancholy is heart wrenching!!

The poetry is beautiful. The words flow like music!


I am amazed by how versatile your writing is. You did find your life's calling babe!

M&A : Silky Hare aquired by Bunny (not so funny) said...

Reading your poetry gives birth to something inside me, and everytime I chance upon your poems, it grows a little bit please keep writing, for I don't want it to die...whatever it is that your poems have given birth your beauty...the beauty that's so pure in these poems, these words...