Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Just Stop.

Broken inside,
torn apart,
it all looked bleak,
yet you did not stop.

You inched closer,
I wasn't harsh,
You were stubborn,
A new blow to my heart.

I tried to keep you away,
You drew your sword,
I screamed to leave,
Yet you did not stop.

You held on tighter,
I didn't force too hard,
You were harsh,
A new blow to my heart.

My fault I didnt say,
Stop. Just stop,
Before you deal,
Another blow to my heart.


Blackurchin said...

nononono no more blows to hearts, wonly blow to the face! A line is naat a line if everybady is krassing it like the indo-bangla border :P

Merl said...

i likeeeee