Friday, November 12, 2010

My make mark.

I was in a class I had been really looking forward to; Critical International Issues. My sir happened to mention this concept of multiple identities in a society. It triggered something in my mind. Post that everything he said was a blur. He was talking of how in a society conflicts arise because of conflicting identities. I was not thinking of a society at all. Self centered that I am, the debate in my mind had been brought down to the conflicting ideas within me. I want to travel the world, I thought. I want to treat myself to the mystical pasts of culture and the transformations of traditions. On the other hand, I want to help the species that need my help. Including animals that can't voice what they want, people whose voices go unheard and stories that live and die without being acknowledged. Apart from all this I want to be a writer; a writer who has class, style and who is unlike the usual.

When I adamantly broke away from my wishful identities I heard my sir mention, these identities co exist if we allow them to. I realized at that moment that the only reason I am who ever I am, is cause of these multiple overlaps of my multiple identities. These overlaps create a unique combination of ideals, wishes and wants. People might have the same combinations but the way they overlap in me is exclusive to just little old me.

So, I might be crazy in the head to want all these identities of mine to co-exist in this short life of mine. But I can vouch for the fact that I cannot be recreated, at least not in the same way that I was, making this the hallmark of my identity. I am not like you and you will never be like me. That is just the mark of my make.


kneehara said...

:) :) very profound nids :) :* i love it :) you are truly one of your kind.. :* and i'm so glad you believe that :)

D!! said...

I hope you get to live all the layters of your identity! i love you and the post! ummaah!!

Between life's doings said...

I love this post lovely reminds me of me too...of how i yearn to be the many things i want to...a writer, a yogi, a traveler, a teacher. Like you said, i think it would be impossible for me to live a unidimensional life. I love how simple and yet how profound your blog posts are babe!

Prathm said...

Mins!! so totally agree with you and I could totally copy and paste A's comment as my own!!

I so cannot imagine a unidimensional life either. I want to be and do so many things, I am too worried I wont be able to live all dimensions of myself. Life is too short.

Start early!!

Love it!