Sunday, November 28, 2010

So close, yet so far.

So easy to get bored of a place,
So easy to tire when seeing a face,
But months pass, years fly
you crave the same face,
you need it near by.

But long ago you said goodbye.
You swore you will never need it by, your side.

You had grown accustomed,
to the sounds of silence.
You had grown used to,
speaking for the others.

In your mind,
you weren't alone.
But in reality,
you were indeed.

How you pushed them away,
from fear of being stepped on.
How a shell you went into,
terrified of being let down.

After all these years,
you wish they were here,
for friends like those.
are rare to find.

But if they were here,
would they truly be there,
if indeed you did let them in,
would they really stay near?

Some close, yet afar,
they dwell and perish.
others so far, yet on the mind
these dwell and live on.

Some so close to the heart, yet so so far...


The Enigmatic Mr.Piichu said...

i want to steal your brain.

renukamasih said...

Says a lot ;)

kneehara said...

:) :) :* you know i love it :)

J. said...

i dnt want to seem chickish bt :*

M&A : Silky Hare aquired by Bunny (not so funny) said...

You can make eyes wet...have that power!