Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Split personality.

Voices in my head,
Contradicting each,
One urged let go,
other held for hope.

Trying to shelter,
My self from harm,
walking backwards,
Seemed more smart.

Subtlety was my art,
I don't express, but,
You were thick
and hard as a rock.

You didn't sense,
the turmoil within,
You didn't see,
the pain brewing.

One voice told me,
It will fade away,
You will see,
and change your way.

A voice warned,
it was far from real,
this illusion of,
your good will.

I was torn,
between these voices,
But I failed to see,
it was always me I had to,
look out for, you see.

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Prathm said...


So so powerful!!

Well written!