Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lying down in darkness

Invisible tears wet my pillow,
as I lie down,
Tired and hurt,
Yet another fall, way down below.

This time it was not you or him or her,
It was me, my experience,
That tainted soul,
That heaviness I bore,
Weighs me down,
Despicable, me.

Questioning the contours of mine,
Doubting all that appears, here and thine.

Imagining the past that was,
The person I could have been,
Those that could have stayed,
Here and mine.

The sights, the sounds that didn't become,
the future that forced me to succumb.

Dreaming about you, me, the world,
Illusions of our times, as they were,
Petals, leaves and stems,
Dried, forgotten, gone.
Perhaps we were.

As I look up from darkness,
Aware, scared and still,
You, me, the world that would never be.

Me floating in that moment,
When I did believe,
You, me, the world did exist,
But you and me, have ceased to be.

Impassive and silent,
I lie in this darkness,
Unseen, Unchained,
Despicable me.


Anonymous said...

Love the flow and choice of words! Sad and beautiful!

Prathm said...

Mins dearest!

Brought tears to my eyes! Melancholy is so beautiful!!

Love it!! Love you!!

M&A : Silky Hare aquired by Bunny (not so funny) said...

God! Haunts me. It is so touching, so vulnerably written.

The Enigmatic Mr.Piichu said...

wow. Poetry like wine. gets way better with time.