Friday, March 18, 2011

Danger looms, attachment dooms.

It has always been so easy,
to whine, crib and cry,
to let my darkness grow,
And overcome my soul.

Yet you believed I was superior to it,
you were stubborn that I was stronger,
I stared at the blank ceilings,
to coerce myself to see,
the ache will soon be history.

Just what you hoped I would feel.

I believed it for long enough
I even survived a while,
but the minute you left,
I was lost like a child.

Our relationship is such a cliche.

When I was falling into that abyss,
You saved me,
You brought me back to life,
You put up a fight for me.

In a place where negativity overwhelms
your voice in my head stood out,
it allowed me to feel,
to believe, to love,
To know life is worth living.

When everyone left,
you were still around,
you put me back together,
like a caring mother with her son.

It isn't your fault,
I fell too much in love with you,
your heart, mind and soul,
became the light that guided me forward.

I have grown dependent on you,
you don't see, but it's true.
I cannot live without you.
For you are my light,
in this darkness I live through.

I can't fight it alone.
I still need you around.
For you my dear,
have driven away my every fear.

My dependency is dangerous,
And you must already see,
That I can never probably be,
or even breathe freely without thee.


Prathm said...

Offo!! Either you have fallen in love or its a spiritual declaration of love to GOD or some ANGEL or soemthing!! KIDDING!

Everything you are talking about isn't all of that what everybody looks for!

Nicely written babe!

kneehara said...

:) :) :*