Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Truth lies in the eye of the beholder.

Recently I spent a lovely weekend with my darling mother, her sister and her mom. Three generations of women sat around one evening and the conversations led us to topics of religion and prevailing circumstances in the streets, temples and corners of Chennai.
For my uneducated mind all the castes and sub castes they mentioned were alien to my ears.But they seemed to know a lot about what they were saying. They had experiences to verify the tale. They discussed the animosity and unreasonable associations people seemed to make to some castes. They noticed a superiority complex prevalent.
After studying about Endogamy, the prevalence of these impressions in peoples minds was reinforced in my thought process. But to hear them discuss how silly it was warmed my heart. It made me see that among all generations there were some that were aware of the insensible discrimination.
My mom is a traditional, spiritual and religious person. Often these terms are associated to a closed individual and sometimes even an orthodox person. But my mom was proving that stereotype wrong. Her faith in God was unwavering and inspiring. She went to temples regularly and attended every Bhajjan she could.For her, the Lord above had multiple forms and faces. If she spent a few hours a day basking in the positive thoughts of any one of the forms, she was happy. Buried beneath all her beliefs was a maturity that enveloped everything else. She put her trust in the power above; without naming God; without questioning size, colour or gender; by just believing in a force superior to her and this world.
When she voiced these strong views, I felt a sense of pride in my smile. She is indeed extremely traditional and religious but her heart is in the right place. And that place has not been touched by discrimination.
If only there were more of her kind, we wouldn't have to hear of the horrid crimes the one we term as "lower castes" are subjected to. I am no body to speak for my experience is not one of isolation or discrimination. But I would want to learn from my mother, to be accommodating, tolerant and imbibing of all faiths, religions and beliefs.
IF not anything else, we have no pre-gifted authority or power to choose a particular kind of life for another soul. No matter what we believe in.


Anonymous said...

I guess this is one of those grey subjects which is not very easy to write on without picking sides! I liked how u wrote it though. I suppose its the way lots of people feel.. Undecided about the whole idea of God, but also not without a deep sense of righteousness.

D!! said...

Love the lady and the thought this post is about! love how you wrote it! glad to see you write about the world outside!! ummaah!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of excellent reading here, thanks! I had been searching on yahoo when I observed your post, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.