Monday, June 27, 2011


A strange conversation made me ask this question. I am aware it is not valentines day. But I genuinely need this question answered. What IS love?

I am told I am trying to understand and comprehend a very big mountain of feelings, for love is too complex for words to ever do justice. It's multiple nuances are indeed difficult to break down. If I were to attempt to explain 'Love' all by myself, I am positive it would not be possible. For I do believe love is subjective.The fact that it is subjective makes it so special and coveted. It makes many look for it and try to grasp it for long enough to understand it.
In this attempt to understand it, I sent out a group text to some of my friends {Thank you all for replying. :-)} The responses were varied and made me realise the power and goodness of love.

Love is care, trust respect and understanding in its purest form. Love is conveying the deepest thoughts in silence. Thank you, Paarth for teaching me that. I have always felt 'something' when I am around the people I love. But I never managed to put that precious feeling into words. Sannidhi Jhala did a perfect job of describing that feeling as 'peace'. Peace is that remarkable feeling that washes over us; the feeling that get nowhere else in the world but in love.
But, there is more to love. Obviously. It's not only about being at peace. It involves looking out for the other and never taking them for granted, just as Mittu believes is possible, by showing deep respect for the other person's feelings, opinion and time.
Love is not just being there for the other when 'good times roll'. But it is about not being afraid to face things we fear, dread, because you have someone by your side. So aptly put Neehara. So Chris also believes. Love is not just about laughing your ass off together but feeling the other's pain as well. In other words, loving someone is not just about saying 'I love you'. Love is knowing without being blatantly told, says Aishu. To say, love is all about feeling. As Tabitha thinks, love is that powerful overpowering gut feeling that can reflect all kinds of emotions.
Love is special. Love is unique, as you can see. Love overpowers all. Love is kind and nourishing. Love makes us forgive and forget. Love is love and we all find it. Sometimes in unexpected people, sometimes in obvious ones. But it always finds a way to creep into our hearts, for an unknown frame of time, to trick us into doing mysterious things. And it always takes one by surprise.

I dedicate this post on love to the one who taught me that love is unconditional. Layla, my love, my four-legged fur ball friend, I miss your silent understanding ways.
I am pretty sure there are other sides to it that I haven't touched upon or am unaware of. So, please do share your opinion of love. :-)


Devika Garg said...

Love is your truest nature! Deep within, you ARE love itself. Its the most subtle feeling that finds expression in the most amazing and beautiful of ways!

DMC said...

''But it always finds a way to creep into our hearts, for an unknown frame of time, to trick us into doing mysterious things. And it always takes one by surprise.'' My favorite lines!

nidsitis said...

Thank you devika :) you are far too kind. :) lovee your definition :) :)

nidsitis said...

awww. Glad :) :*

Dwithiya R said...

Awww!! love the post darling!! so warm and fuzzy!!

Sriramana Muliya said...

Boy, you reminded me of something I reflected upon long back. Care to read?

Take care. This was a beautiful post. :)

nidsitis said...

thanks love!! :* :* Love you :)

nidsitis said...

thank you for reading. :) just heading over to your page :) :)

nibedita dutta said...

The way you describe how others have described love is really my opinion,love is the ultimate thing to have..being loved is the greatest thing one can possess and loving back is the greatest thing one can a nutshell, "love heals everything"....very well written :)