Sunday, June 05, 2011

When I was young...

"And sometimes you close your eyes
and see the place where you used to live
When you were young" - The Killers.

I sat in the car with my legs cross legged on the back seat and these lyrics came floating into my mind space. Right next to me sat my favourite person in the world, with her feet on the seat, her head out the window and tongue hanging out. She was excited about going somewhere. She didn't ask questions; she just did not want to be left behind. We left a lot behind that day. But Layla was definitely not on the list.
I watched Marredpally slowly become a blur as my dad sped on to our new home in Shameerpet. I watched with a heavy heart and a knotted stomach. I had asserted multiple times that Marredpally meant little or nothing to me. But this shift was threatening to send me down nostalgia lane. I obliged and let the frames of my memories play, like it was all yesterday.

  • The first memory inevitably was all the roads Layla walked in and all the ones she avoided because she saw ghosts. Typical chicken-goat-dog.
  • All those times Anvitha and me walked aimlessly on those tiny streets, laughing, kidding, hiding from strange people. The thought of us years ago made me smile.
  • The very many completely asinine names Mittu, Misha and me gave every dog on the street.
  • Every game of baseball in Shenoy grounds and every volleyball match in community hall that brought me closer to the games and helped make me, well me.
  • The multiple packets of biscuits fed to Suzie.
  • The scandalous standby things that happened and the ones I took part in.
  • The official place where all the Yah- Yah bonding begun, flourished and blossomed.
  • All the friends I made, all the ones that stayed and the ones that moved on and left me with fond memories of my childhood and adolescence.

And the above are merely the memories that come to mind instantly. The house, the area, the locality hold a special place in my heart. It will always be the space in which I grew up; the space where I learnt from my mistakes; the space where I learnt to be me.

It makes me realize that I will move on with my life, to new places with different faces. But, somethings, some places and some people will stay with you, always.


Prathm said...

Marredpally - the Ya-Ya headquarters!

The numerous sleep overs and the countless bonding conversations!

Will Miss Marredpally! Thanks for the lovely rendition, warm and nostalgic.

Between life's doings said...

It totally is a yay-ya HQ!!! I will miss coming there! That was a Lovely thank you note to your home babe! :*

nidsitis said...

So true! Ya- Ya headquarters it was. :D

nidsitis said...

:* :* Thanks for reading Aarathi :*