Thursday, August 25, 2011


So I was given an award recently by Priyanka and I was absolutely sucky at passing it on. I have the longest list of blogs I want to give it to. Earlier I was a blogger who wrote. Now, I read much more than I write. The new blogs I follow are the reason I spend hours browsing and reading. It is now an addiction more than a pass time. SO, I came up with a way to award all the new blogs I follow all at once. I decided I would put up a list of blogposts of theirs that made me realise what versatile bloggers exist out there.

Listed below is the list of posts that are definitely worth reading. In absolutely no order at all, here they are:

Confessions of Chocolate obsessed (Priyankya): A fellow Arian who writes about everything with a passion, from food to fiction they all make me wait for her next update. :) I suggest you read this honest and apt post of hers, an open letter to god.

Prathma: She writes about stuff she connects to. She voices her well constructed opinion after much research. The links in her post add more charm to her writing. I am linking this one in particularly cause I love the thought in this and girlfriends are very important to me.
Where are the girls?

Red handed: Her funny, no wait hilarious posts are numerous in number. I could add a long list of must read links in that genre. But what turned her writing around for me was this post,
no more.

Spaceman: She writes about things affecting her and the world around her. Her writing is clean and straight. Love her thoughts as much as the way she puts them into words. This post of hers is a MUST read,
answer my friend.

D!! Her travel writing always transports me to the place she writes about. The perfect blend of humor and sentiments make her writing a joy to read. This particular one cause she usually writes prose, but her travel writing in poetry was astounding!
Namaste Nepal

Kneehara: Confessional writing is something I am a big fan of. Her writing is just heart wrenchingly beautiful. This post cause I think a lot of people have had similar experiences.

Parth Jhala: Mostly poetry, this blog is refreshing and profound. Beautiful writing. But, he doesn't update as much as he should. This post cause it is almost perfect.
So much more.

Soumya: She was a revelation to me. Her honesty and confessional writing touched a chord in me. I love and wait eagerly for her updates. I envy the honesty in her writing for I find it too difficult to be that way.
Chaotic truth was chilling yet beautiful. :)

Aishu: A funny and often confessional writer. But this post is written very well and needs to be read. Flows smoothly and leaves you guessing all through. Hence, Tiger tails

R-A-J: I love the different topics he writes about. To see him write a mush post about love baffled me. I did not think he had that side. Too quick to judge I guess. But his Change, yours is here post was something people our age would relate and totally get.

Chintan: I do not remember how I came across her blog but I am glad I did. Something about the way she writes makes me feel like "Hey, I have felt that!" I love reading her updates and keep going back for more. Her
post on Anna Hazare is very profound :)

Psych Blabber: She is a psychologist who writes about a wide range of topics. Occasionally even poetry. I love reading her posts cause they are always profound. This post is my favourite till now, Why Harry Potter is not just a kid's book

Hope you enjoy the posts as much as I did.

To all those mentioned, I love visiting your blogs. Keep updating :)


Kunnu said...

There were a few links here..which I was already following....and I discovered a few more...thanks to this post :)

Red Handed said...

Thankyou sooo much for including me in ur post! Felt Awesome and important. What else do i want?!!

Much Love to you! Keep writing!

SUB said...


Muhammad Israr said...

congratulations...may you get many many more awards in your life...

P.S. priyanka is arian and you too? hmmm finally somebody other than me is arian as well as blogger :)

Parth Jhala said...

Congo on the award!! And congo to me for making it to this post! :P
Thanks for all the links too!

Priyanka said...

*JUMPINGAROUNDINGLEE* I'm first! I'm first :D

:P Sorry couldn't help that.
What, we are all allowed moments of exultation na:P

Anyway, thank you so much and I'm so glad you like that post, one of my most honest pieces.

And completely agree with the first part, I read SO much more than I write, an addiction, nothing less:)

AAD said...

OMG I came upon your blog through chintan's blog, because I like to read female bloggers, and I saw the link you gave to Prathma's blogpost, and I had made a very similar blogpost just a couple of days ago...

Here it is , incase you'd wanna read it.. :

BUt I loved your blog, and will be coming by frequently...:D

Prathm said...

Thanks for the honour babe!


Nice ode to well loved bloggers!

Spaceman Spiff said...

Thank you so much! :)
And I agree with you. I read more these days than actually write. Can't help it, when there are so many wonderful blogs floating around. :)

Chintan said...

:) awww :) thank you and hugs....and i shall continue blog walking next week...i had come here, liked a post about your college, left an insane comment :P and hence we got in touch hahaha....

about yesterday's post! don't blame you....i was so tensed while documenting it, that i can not understand...may be angry too....i had to get busy later to let go of the thoughts...and am quite a shamless person that way so check out what o have posted today :D

Soumya said...

Yay! Thank you so much :D

And thank you more for writing such wonderful things about me. 'Chaotic Truth' was written on an impulse pouring out everything I had on my mind. I'm glad you liked it :)

Lots of love and more awards to you. Muaaah!

Soumya said...

You're awarded :)


Srinidhi said...

@kunnu: Thank you for coming by :)

@Red: my pleasure entirely :)

@sub: Thanks :)

@Muhammed Israr: hehe yes she is :) Thank you for your kind words :)

@parth: :) thanks :)

@priyanka: LOL!! yes yes :D my pleasure :)

@AAD: thanks for dropping by :) Wll read :)

@pratham: Just what you deserve :)

@spaceman: :D Yes :D It is amazing to read :)

@chintan: hehe I read. :) Versatile you are. :) My pleasure to read them. :)

@Soumya: Thank you for the award. :) i love your honest posts. :)

Psych Babbler™ said...

Thanks for the recognition Nids! Great having you around my space. And that reminds me, I actually haven't blogrolled you even though I visit every time you comment! Go figure.

Srinidhi said...

@psych blabber: Welcome :) It was my pleasure entirely :)

shuuuu said...

:O:O DUDE my name is here :O .... thanks nidhi :) ... glad you liked it