Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy friendship day! :)

I have ran out of
excuses to call,
to say hello,
to ask how's it all.

I have ran out of
reasons to say,
I wish you would
talk to me someday.

I would have never believed,
I could hurt you,
this way,
or push you,
Oh so far away.

I know words will never say,
how sorry I am today.

I can't say I would have done
it any other way,
But I still wish you
would have stayed.

I know that is
too much to ask,
So I will leave it
unsaid, unheard.

I will always miss you,
for you were a friend,
like very few.


Priyanka said...

This was written for my ex-bff by me.
It's that apt.
Thank you.

And happy friendships day.

kneehara said...

it's so beautiful and sad at the same time :) "beautiful things never last, that's why fireflies flash" :)

Parth Jhala said...

Agree with neehara...beautifully sad!

Red Handed said...

Like others...i also will call this beautiful yet sad.
But i never miss the friends i lost...mebbe they werent worth it.


Srinidhi said...

@priyanka: Thank you for the comment. :)

I am sorry you feel it too.

@Neehara :* Just not us baby :) We will last :) :*

@paarth: :) :* :*

@red: I know what you mean. I usually don't regret or miss them. But this one was special. very very special. :)

Prathm said...

Nice one Mins! Nostalic and sad! Most people could relate to it one way or another.

D!! said...

Aww! i think a hug is in order..well written..i misha said i relate too..u just say ti much better than i would.

D!! said...

* like misha said

Srinidhi said...

@mishi :) Thanks mishi :*

@mittu: YEs I want :*

~Serendipity~ said...

Reminded me of a long lost best friend :)

Well written :)

Vyankatesh said...