Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Easy to make and awesome to eat!

Anyone who knows me will know I love eating and hate cooking. Its just not as fun as eating, I have always felt. At least for me. So, for me to get off my lazy ass and make myself a meal is rare and usually motivated by lazyness to get out of the house and find a place to eat. Yes, I am very lazy. So, when I had to make something for myself to eat and I needed it to be simple and yummy, I had to fall back on this. The recipe is written by my darling of a sister and simply amazing cook, D!! .

Long hard day Pasta!!

(Follow the link to read the easy to make and yummy to eat recipe)  

"I love to cook, and I love to eat. It can turn my day around. But I do live in Mumbai which can be unbelievably exhausting at times. Some days, while I ride the train back home, I slip into this wonderful fantasy of gorgeous creamy pasta for dinner, but when I get back home and wander into the kitchen I can’t muster the strength required for it.

So one of these days I was digging through my kitchen cupboard to find me something healthy and tasty to eat when I stumbled upon the packet of instant soup sitting there. So here’s what I did.. I like to call this Long Hard Day Pasta."


And finally.. a photo of my meal which I had with a glass of Real peach juice and Gilmore Girls. :-)

Thank you D!! For making my cooking as simple as the eating! :-)




PeeVee™ said...

*sigh* you make me crave.
And that's so EASYPEASY re.. your sistah is a genius:D
And this is the first thing I'm gonna try when I get back home.
Why? Coz I love pasta and I am lazy too:P
But then I love cooking for my family as well and I like finding new recipes that mortals like me have tried out:)

Thanks for Quiero, Nidsitis:D

Red Handed said...

Tell her to give a recipe with red sauce pls??
Me too very lazy! and would do with a recipe :P

Soumya said...

The shells above look so beautiful cooked. Not a good pic to be looking at when I'm stuck at work with pouring rain outside!

I'm gonna try this tonight once I get back, cos I remember seeing a cream of chicken soup packet in my fridge recently. Yeah, if its not meat, then thou shall not eat! Okay, sorry. That's my food motto :D

TheBluntBlogger said...

and lazy ass that I am :D I cook tomato rice these days :D and you know after reading the pasta post, I feel like eating one :(

Towards Harmony said...

We need to think up more laziness friendly recipes, it seems :-)

Good job babe! Keep at it and you will be making Lasagna (may be a faster version or it) in no time.

Spaceman Spiff said...

I'll tell you something even simpler? Just put it all together. As in, imagine the soup powder to be a tastemaker powder, and boil it all together, add pepper, the herbs etc. But in this method, you can't add the veggies. But it tastes just as yumm. :)

@Red: For a red sauce, you just need to buy Tomato soup. But you might have to dilute it a bit,because most of the tomato soups are too sweet. You can neutralize it by adding some pepper and cheese. Or a bit of cornflour.

You can try this with all kinds of soup, actually. My favourite is Cream of chicken. Yummy! Add a dash of butter/cheese,and there it is, heaven on a plate. :P

Parth Jhala said...

Is this the one I ate back then?! Then its YUMM!!

D!! said...

Thanks for posting my lovely!! and im glad you got to cooking!!

@ Spaceman Spiff- Sounds fantastic! will try soon!!

Psych Babbler™ said...

Looks yum Nids! Let your sis know that.

So how many sisters are there? I already found Prathama thanks to you...and of course, follow her. Now here's another sis for me to follow! :)

Srinidhi said...

@peevee: hehe I am thoroughly glad! She makes the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. Take her recipe!!

@red: you could use tomato soup like spaceman suggested. :) its ideal. :D happy cooking!!

@soumya: Chicken is my favourite high!! I totally get it. Happy giving it a shot :D

@bluntblogger! That sounds yum!! :D awww! Sorry! :p

@towardsharmony: lots of lazy we are :p yes ma'am!! Can't wait!! :D

@spaceman: making my mouth water!! Will so try!! :D

@d!! Hehe my pleasure hon!!

@psych blabber: two actually! Fantastic writers and cooks!! Go right on and I am sure ul can exchange ideas!! :D

SMRITI said...

Looks absolutely Yumm. Have to get Gujju Boi to make this for me. :D

S.N SHUKLA said...

nice post, thanks.

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