Sunday, November 06, 2011

'She's not just a pretty face'

I watch Gilmore Girls obsessively. Yes, I watch episode after episode, over and over again. Recently, I was watching an episode (the one where Lorelai and Rory reunite after not talking for a LONG time) and I wondered what about it made me so addicted and happy? The women I finally concluded. They are the mother-daughter relationship I want to have with my daughter (if I ever have one that is.)

I have always been a woman who loved her girl friends and cherished their presence in my life. I have had the fortune of having absolutely great women friends for most of my life. (They have not all been good but over time, the good ones have stuck.)
I just thought I will stereotype the girlfriends in my life and simultaneously write an ode to the two most beautiful women in my life. Towards Harmony and D!! I have said this a number of times and I repeat and perhaps bore. But I am lucky to have two of the most amazing women and individuals in the world as family. They say you pick your friends, not family. Even if I had a choice, I would have wanted just you’ll.

Here goes:

The laugh-a-lot girlfriend: The one you call cause you don’t want to think about your lousy day. You just want to laugh endlessly about the most pointless things in life. Every part of the conversation is hilarious and a LOL moment. And more often than not there are falling-off-the-chair-laughing moments.

The lends-a-shoulder girlfriend: Not just for those asinine self clicked photos but the girlfriend who will listen to you whine non stop. Who will never tell you 'you exaggerated or overreacted'. The kind that always listens and never tries to ‘change’ or modify the situation.

The lets-change-the-world girlfriend: The one with whom you have made plans to do your bit to change the world. The one who accompanies you on mad ‘activist’ stints and takes part in protests. The one with whom you can discuss what bothers you about the world and its political games. The one who reminds you that sometimes doing your bit is enough.

The lets-get-a-drink-girlfriend: Girl you are so fine and so much fun! The girl who can have fun despite a long work week. The one who loosens up over a drink and spontaneous conversation just flows. The one who is okay with you just watching her dance. The one that will make you feel comfortable in a pool of people which include her boyfriend.

The advice-giving-girlfriend: The girlfriend who gives the perfect advice. The one that knows just what to say when. The one that knows all your insecurities and puts you at ease with a few words. The one that can help you realise what you want by just asking a few sensible questions.

The all-is-well girlfriend: When you don’t talk for days yet know your relationship will pick up just where it left off. The girlfriend who never questions your absence accusingly. The one that has been there since you couldn’t pronounce Constantinopole.

The can-talk-about-anything girlfriend: From sex to blow jobs, she will tell you all that you need and want to know. No questions asked. She has her way of making the situation oh-so-comfortable even if you are completely awkward.

The ultimate-secret-keeping girlfriend: You know when you tell her something it is like telling your dog. No one will ever find out.  The myth of girls blab doesn’t work with her. She knows how much it means to you to keep it quiet and that respect is what is the best thing about her.

Girlfriends are a special breed and I personally think my relationship with them has helped me be a better person. To all women kind and their unique relationships — Cheers to your awesomeness!! :)


PeeVee™ said...

You know what happened, when I started reading the post, I was thinking, I don't have too many close friends and hence I prolly won't have much to say... But as I read on, I felt myself think of certain people with each category:) I guess I do have special women in my life:)
And I know for a fact that I'd be lost without them...

Nice post, Nidsitis:)
I like calling you that...

renukamasih said...

Lovely Nids!!!

shaima said...

watever you write it has to b awesome..and so it is!! :D cheers!!

Parth Jhala said...

A perfect ode to all the awesome women in your life! :)

D!! said...

Awww!! its lovely! and you are one of my dear lovelies!! ummaaah

Praneeta said...

I loved it!! And you know what, I count you as one among the special women in my life!

nenita said...

Love it!! Love you!! :*

Sindu said...

Oh girl! Trust me, you have a mini psychologist within you because well, that was quite a perfect classification of characters. Very well described! Could recount one in each category and relived the memories I have shared with them. Thanks for that! :)

I Love My Life said...

Very nice and a good portrayal of relationships.

Towards Harmony said...

Kick ass ode to kick ass girlfriends!

Awesome read Nids!

Red Handed said...

I have more than one for each category...gehehehehe
That was an awesome post girl!
Sorry for commenting late!

Srinidhi said...

@Peevee: :D Thanks love! :D And I LOVE that name :P I thought that as well but you always find someone to fit right in. :)

@Renuka! :D Thanks for dropping by :*

@Shaima: So sweet!! Thanks for reading :D

@Parth: :* :*

@D!! Thanks my love! yay! :D

@Pranee: You are too kind. :D Thanks :* :*

@nen: Love you too girl :*

@sindu: awwww!! Thanks! Such a heartfelt comment. :D :) I am glad :)

@I love my life: Thank you :D

@Towards harmony!!Thanks babe! :D :* :*

@Red: ITs never late!! hehe I am glad :D the more the merrier :D

Psych Babbler™ said...

Definitely a special relationship! I cherish all my girlfriends too and I'm fortunate to still be close friends with those miles away from me...when we catch up after years, it's still like we have never been apart!

TheBluntBlogger said...

Yee!! I did not know that TH and you are connected :D like Blood wise :D

You are in good company indeed....

And you know, I am the girl who like to drink and have a convo...

Mere saath ek peg lagao na please :P

Soumya said...

Awww.. I so love this post. I have some awesome girls in my life and they always make me feel so good.

I have wonderful men around too, but nothing can beat my crazy bunch of girls :)

:-Dee said...

Absolutely loved this post. Nice light read and true. :)

Kanchan Agarwal said...

I loved it!!! I am sharing it with as many girlfriends of mine, as I can. :)

SUB said...

really? so many types?

cheers to the awesomeness of u guys!

kneehara said...

okay - 1) sorry i'm commenting on this just now :P
2) You know you're a permanent fixture in all those categories for me right? :P :)
3)I LOVE YOU! :* :* :* and i thank my lucky stars that you're part of my life :) :) :) <3 :* :* :*

Aakriti said...

Woaa....lovely post. dropping by at ur place for the first time.Indeed u are lucky to be surrounded by such awesome kinda girlfriends...Sometime back I would feel sad for hardly having any guy frnd in my frnd circle..but ur post just made me feel glad abt the girlfrnds I have:)