Tuesday, December 13, 2011


You didn't give me much,
yet guilt I am ridden with,
I have to let it go,
my past is all to live with.

I can move on,
I am a bird with wings,
I know here I don't belong,
with that thought freedom it brings.

I stare at the walls,
I know I shouldn't care,
Soon far away I shall go,
from those cold glares.

Yet, acceptance I crave,
but deep within I let it stay,
for staying here will lead me no where,
I hope in the end I will find my way.

The past is comfortable,
the future daunting,
for I can't see what's in store,
without assuming and taunting.

Crippled by my own angst,
anxiety overwhelms.
I look past this day,
this year, this decade,
someday the world will understand,
that decision I once quickly made.

P.s- Song apt for this moment
Shania Twain --- UP



Anonymous said...

There's a lot of good things to look forward to! Its a change for the better that you shouldn't be guilty about!

Kunal said...

The Decision, which you have made
Hope, it gives you, what you want.
No one can predict the future. But,
I hope, it lets the past never haunt.

The path will find you, you have the will
It will lead to your journey, to your goal.
Difficult times will come, for sure.
But, overcoming them, will please your soul.


Good Luck.

Sinduja said...

The people who made their names big were all at this point once. They decided to move on anyway and the rest is History! :)

Red Handed said...

we make some decions which makes us regret but we are too ahead of it that making a change isnt possible...

"I have to let it go,
my past is all to live with."
What do u mean by this? LET IT GO AND STILL LIVE WITH IT?

Srinidhi said...

Anonymous: :* :) Thanks. Always :)

@kunal: Beautiful!! :) Thanks for that uplifting comment. :)

@Sinduja: I guess you are right. :) Here's hoping for the best. :)

@Redhanded: Agreed :)
I meant I have to let the negativity go and learn to live with my past :)

:-Dee said...

Emotions that many will relate to.. its human nature. Of course we know we have to let go.. easier said than done eh??! This is a nice pome tinged with a lil sadness, regret and confusion but brings to point what it is meant to mean. Nicely worded and put together. Wishing you rainbows and sunshine to follow...

Soumya said...

Its impossible to let go. The only thing you can do is the magical word called 'Ignore'

It works, much better than you can think. I've been doing it since the past 4 years, and look here I am, alive and kicking :)

Love you. I hope the right paths find you soon.

Towards Harmony said...

Decisions!! can't escape them and when you have taken them you just need to work at making it WORK! If you made the present and the past work youll make the future work!

All the best babe!

Jack said...


Wish you all the best on what decision you have taken. Hope and pray that it turns out to be right for you. Thoughts at the time of taking decision penned well.

Take care

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

How relatable. :) I could picture it.
Sometimes, when we make decisions, we fear the future. But then, it is for our own betterment. We cannot always stick on to things.
Lovely poem :) Be strong and move on. :)