Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mind space

So many people, so often quote Virginia Woolf and say that 'all a woman needs to write is some money and a room of one's own'. Now I completely agreed with that. Until, I had a house of my own (a rented one), a fixed income and I still couldn't write. I racked my brains for long hours. Stories, fiction and real life incidents, played over and over again in my head but I never had my usual uncontrollable urge to pen it all down. I would sit with a book and a pen and find myself blank. It isn't writers block, I know. But there is a block. To top it all, I feel a restlessness that is a sign of my withdrawal from writing. I tell myself, it will pass and I will be buried in my writing soon. But a month on, I haven't written a productive word.
When I sat down to write about my state of mind, it struck me. Woolf was not just talking about a room in its physical terms. She must have also meant mind space right?
It was suddenly so obvious. As much as writing is a stress buster for me, it is also an act that I can only take part in when I separate myself from the world. To be able to do that, I need to force the inconsequential, useless thoughts out of my mind, sit down and write.
Writing is now a part of me that enables me to think better, live better. But if I have to engage with writing the way I enjoy, I need silence. Not just from the world, but from the harsh voices in my head. And sometimes what I need is not a room or house of my own. But a space in my mind which is free of others opinions of me. And I need it soon.


Parth Jhala said...

I was wondering where you were getting at but it became much clearer and just like it seemed obvious to you, it now seems to me too! I guess mind space holds true for all creative works to materialize! Very nicely deduced and written! :)

Arpita said...

So you don't want a 'network' in you room? :D hehe..sorry couldn't help it.

A writer is a strange creature. Some moments of distress will make her write endlessly and others will leave her numb. The trick I think is to find the discipline and alignment inside to ensure that she transcends the situation...and that her words are always tucked close in her pocket ready to come to her rescue whenever required :)

D!! said...

I think you need some weed darling!!! :)

Jokes sure it will come...i trust you to find the room in your heart and mind!!

Sinduja said...

When you are struggling to write, then simply keep the pen inside. At the end of the day, writing is not an end in itself but a means to experience inner peace. Of course, it is ironic that for this means itself, a certain amount of inner peace is first required as you beautifully mentioned in your post.

But if there is a barrier, then trying hard only defeats the purpose. At such times, perhaps we need another means, like music or a quiet walk to substitute for writing. All said, I am sure you will find it soon :)

R-A-J said...

Wow, I like the way u introspected it n the clarity of ur thought process tht u brought out here..

One thing I do to get more ideas is to try out new things, the easiest of which is to go out with friends for dinner or somethin..

So how does it help with writing?? well, it doesn't .. but by the time u're back, u're so tired tht u won't hv the energy to think n feel guilty bout not writing :)

Sincerely hope u find ur writing as much as it finds u, Srinidhi... :)

Chintan said...

Listen to the voice, before you may decide to bury it or pen it down :)

Happens to me a lot these days....too many thoughts, it's all over sometimes, sometimes too compact and abstract to make any sense.

phatichar said...

It'll happen, don't worry. :)

Towards Harmony said...

You said it!
I say it all the time, I don't have mind space! I totally know what you mean. It happens to me when I am in a new routine and then I have settled into the routine, I just find the mind space somehow!
P.S - this post makes me think, i should just write my thoughts instead of constructing articles for my blog, it 'll give me more mind space to let the thoughts flow perhaps :-)