Friday, March 16, 2012

Rain! Rain!

I can smell the oncoming rain! Can you?
Oh how awesome it would be
to be with you now.
To run wild and free.
To fall asleep with the rain outside.
To listen to your heart beat as the rain drops fall.
To take a walk outside after
the rain has washed the place free of grime.
Fresh smells. Fresh sights.
The beauty of a stroll together.

Oh I can smell the oncoming rain. Can you?
To taste the fresh air.
To cozy up to a warm cup of coffee.
To be whisked away in your arms.
To see stars after the sky clears.

Oh I can smell the oncoming rain. Can you?
The joys of lazing around and reading a book.
The sensation of knowing you are around.
Hot bajjis fresh from the store.
Warmth and love right there for show.

Oh I can smell the oncoming rain. Can you?
Your presence wraps me up.
I wish you were here tonight.
To smell the rain.
To taste the love.
To sense the longing.


Parth Jhala said...

This is so different from your regular fare!! :P
The best part is its fluid and spontaneous! Cheesy yes, but refreshing read! Does take you to a place where its about to pour!

Between life's doings said...

THis is so refreshing on this hot sunny day in Hyderabad. I wish it was going to rain here!

Spaceman Spiff said...

After reading this:-
Oh I can feel the rain, can you? :)

Towards Harmony said...

Nice one babe!
Why cheesy! Romance is not cheesy! :-)

Psych Babbler™ said...

Nice one! I could smell the know...the one where the earth smells with the first rains...that's what your words did to me! :)

R-A-J said...

Aaah, beautiful one.. captures those long cherished rain dreams that we all have.. just took me back to my fav rain moment- bein at home with hot pakodas, hotter coffee n a great book... aaah, bliss!

Very nice post, Srinidhi - me gt a smell, sight n senses of the rain... now missin it n waitin fr it...


Srinidhi said...

@all: Thank you! The weather was truly inspiring. This poem just flowed.:)

Thank you Jhala :)

BLD: I wish it had rained here. Was just teasing me :p

Spaceman spiff: Thank you!! Thats sweet :D

Towards harmony: Aww! Thanks :)

Psych babbler: Thank you!! :) You are kind :)

Raj: hehe yes! Some of my favourite rain memories wrapped up here! :) Thank you :)

Red Handed said...

Oh O can hear the rains now!!
Beautiful lines!

kneehara said...

wow :) so different from your usual stuff.... :) i smiled reading the entire thing :) i loved it :) made me go "awwwwww" after ever line :)


Silky Agarwal said...

Love it!

Purpleclouds said...

so sweet... :)